Brownie Treats | Mars Bar

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to another blog post ❤️

Who doesn’t love freshly done brownies? *im drooling just talking about them*..

I thought I’d do a blog post of how I make my mars bar brownies (you can use any chocolate for this), that are so quick and honestly the easiest things to make & they taste DELICIOUS..


Jane Asher chocolate brownie mix

1 medium egg

2 tbsps (30ml) vegetable oil

2 and a half tbsps (40ml) of water


*Chop your mars bar up and add just before putting it in the oven ..


enjoy 💋

As always thank you so much for reading!

Lots of love,

X x x

9 thoughts on “Brownie Treats | Mars Bar

      1. Just wondering, I really want to do it but I’ve seen so many people saying they regret doing it because they’ve missed out on the festive season 😩


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