Candles I’m loving at the minute!

I’ve never been a fan of festive candles, I just thought they were really over hyped and soooo friggin expensive. Girrrllll was I wrong!!!

I bought this Halloween candle around a week ago and was just going to use it for the background of my blog pictures, until I actually burned it and smelt how nice it made my living room smell. Guys, this candle cost me 99p from home bargains!! YES 99P! How is that even possible for a candle of this size? I really wish I bought more of these ones now but I’m definitely going to have to pick more up when I next go in there. It has a really nice orangey smell to it, but nothing in your face, it’s actually a really subtle orange smell, if that’s even a thing haha… for 99p I’d 100% recommend.

After getting the Halloween candle, me and Karl really wanted a christmasy candle! I remember smelling a Yankee candle last year called Christmas cookie, and I regretted not getting it so badly.. until we found this one again from home bargains, this literally smells like Christmas cookies/baking/vanilla and everything in between. It made our house smell like cookies, which let’s be honest who wouldn’t want their house smelling of freshly baked cookies ;)! Gals, this retails for …. £2.99!!! Again how on earth is that possible? The Yankee one was £16 when I looked at it last year and I’ve gone and got the replica for £2.99?

There’s still so many festive candles in home bargains I want to try, there’s even a ginger bread one 😭!

Look out for a haul soon , I’m definitely gonna be buying more!

Has anyone else tried these candles? What’s your thoughts?

As always, thank you so much for reading!

X x x

11 thoughts on “Candles I’m loving at the minute!

    1. I actually haven’t been in TKMaxx yet so I’ll have to have a look 🙂 , but I noticed home sense had some maple syrup ones the other day 😍😍! I had to treat myself to the Christmas cookie and snow flake ones today from Yankee! I only bought the mini ones thought I really can’t bring myself to spend £20 on a candle 😩

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