Yankee and Lush Haul

Welcome back to another blog post, I hope you’re all well? 💋

Me and Karl went into town yesterday and I managed to pick up a few little bits so I thought I’d share what I bought with you all 😊..

First stop was Lush –

After Karl surprised me with the candy cane bubble bar (I’ve added this to the haul -just to show you all what’s in there at the minute), last week & seeing the lovely @mermaidmoonchild ‘s lush haul, I’ve been dying to go into the shop myself and have a browse. I haven’t been in lush for absolute ages so as you can imagine seeing all the festive bath bombs etc .. I was like a kid in a toy shop! My all time favourite scent from lush is snow fairy and honestly they had everything in this scent from bath bombs, body sprays to conditioner. But because I’m trying to be mega tight with money the prices of them were a bit .. well , not in my price range! I mean £20 for a body spray that I’m only going to use for work? Really isn’t my cup of tea.

Buys – *links are NOT affiliated*

🍂 Monsters Ball – Bath Bomb – £4.95

🍂 Sparkly Pumpkin – Bubble Bar – £4.75

🍂 Naughty Elf – Bubble Bar – £5.95

🍂 Candy Cane – Bubble Bar – £3.95

Yankee –

I have such a love/hate relationship with Yankee, personally I just think they’re so expensive, but smell soooo nice! I grudge paying £20 on a candle when I can go to home bargains and get a similar scent for £2.99! I mentioned in my Candles I’m loving post that I really wanted the Christmas Cookie candle last year, I bought one similar from home bargains but it doesn’t have the strong vanilla smell like this one, which I love. so whilst we were out yesterday slowly walking past the Yankee candle shop.. Karl told me to just go for it and treat myself. he knows I’ve been wanting it for the longest time, he’s such a gem ❤️!! Whilst we were in there I noticed the other festive candles and obviously had to smell them all.. I mean it’d be rude not too wouldn’t it? Haha!

I found so many I liked so instead of spending the money on 1 jar, I thought I may as well buy the little sample versions. They have an offer where you get 10 minis for £12. So I managed to get a selection of different ones . . .

Buys – * links are NOT affiliated*

🍂 Glittering Star

🍂 Christmas Cookie x3

🍂 Snowflake Cookie x3

🍂 Festive Cocktail

🍂 Christmas Eve

🍂Cranberry Ice

I’ve been trying to save my bath bomb to show you all, I can’t wait to get a nice lush bath tonight with Christmas cookie burning … ahhh bliss!

As always thank you so much for reading,

If you have any requests for me to do, please let me know ❤️

X x

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