Christmas Decorations! Home Bargains Edition

So it’s the first Christmas I’ll be living in my own home & I’m so excited to be able to put decorations up and do everything exactly how I want too. I’ve already got some decor for the festive season but I’m always on the hunt for some extra bits and bobs! I went into home bargains which is slowly becoming my second home haha, and I thought I’d show you all what’s in there at the minute, Christmas decoration related!

Ngl every time I go to home bargains it makes me feel even more excited for Christmas 😩🤩!

Have you gotten your decorations yet? I’m debating doing blogmas this year? What’s your opinions?

Thank you so much for reading.,

Hayley xxxx

2 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations! Home Bargains Edition

  1. Ahh these are sooo cute! I spend soo much on Halloween decorations now that I cant just use the decorations we always have at home, and I know that Christmas is gonna be the exact same! rip my money! x

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    1. I’m in love with the little raindeers 😩😍! Hahaha aww get down to home bargains babe they’re have so many things I need 😩😂 x


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