When it comes to Christmas, I have always loved the idea of making little hampers.. I love the fact you can do them on a budget and make them look fantastic with whatever you want to put inside them. They’re so easy to make and like I said they look amazing when they’re finished and looking all Christmassy..

My usual spots for purchasing items for the hampers are Home Bargains, B&M and the good old Pound Shop! I’m planning on doing 3/4 different hampers this year. One filled with – chocolate goodies, 2 for men and a girly girl one filled with – bath bombs, face masks, candles, hair masks.. the works (I can do a blog post on this if anyone would like to see how I’ve done it and what’s inside etc).

I thought I’d go into home bargains and take a few pictures of things that are currently there for anyone interested in doing this idea themselves.. I found these coppers baskets which I love, and some little bits and bobs to fill them up with..

I love these little beer miniatures too, for people over 18 obviously 😉

are you going to make a little hamper this year? If so please tag me in your ideas..

As always thank you for reading xx

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