It’s November which means one thing, the countdown to Christmas is almost on our doorsteps & what better way to count down to the best day ever than to be treated to a bath treat every night, with the 12 days of Christmas advent calendar from the famous Bomb Cosmetics.

I was so happy to be treated to this calendar and I literally can’t wait to do blogmas so you can all share this festive treat with me haha. Which advent calendar are you getting this year? I’ve seen so many nice ones, the body shop one looks unreal.

What’s inside – 12 Days of Christmas ..

1. Snow Good Bath Blaster

2. Gift For Giving Bath Blaster – I couldn’t find this anywhere on the bomb cosmetics website, but I’ve managed to find it on amazon.

3. All That Glitters Bath Blaster – sorry but how cute is this Bath Blaster? , Day 3 come to me 🙊

4. Under The Mistletoe Bath Blaster

5. Dizzy Fizzy Bath Blaster

6. Play It Cool Bath Blaster

7. Father Blissmas Bath Blaster – this is another one I couldn’t find on the site, but I’ve managed to find somewhere else for you all..

8. Hollybobs Bath Blaster – another one I couldn’t find on the site guys

9. Fairy Lights Bath Blaster – literally obsessed with this, just look at the small detail OMG 😩

10. Bath Bauble Blaster

11. Chilly Willy Bath Blaster – everyone needs a snowman chucked in their bath haha

12. Candy Cane Lane Bath Blaster – I think the name of this says it all

Is it December yet so I can start to open this? Please and thank you! Think it’s safe to say I’m excited haha!

You can buy the calendar here – none of my links are affiliated – retails for £35!

As always thank you so much for reading,

Lots of love





    1. Yeah haha, I’ve given in😂! Are you planning on doing it babe?, they look amazing don’t they😩 can’t wait to try them x


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