I know the title of this sounds so weird haha, but it basically sums up what this post is about.. we are all guilty of buying expensive makeup items from time to time, personally if I think something works just as well as something high end that as cost me a fraction of the price, you can bet I’m buying that affordable little gem.

I thought I’d add the cost of the makeup items I use on my entire face daily and see how much I actually pay for my day to day makeup look.

If you decide to do this post, please leave it in my comments. I’m so nosey and want to see how much you pay haha..

I’m going off the makeup I’ve wore over the past few days …

PRIMER – Nivea Post Shave Balm .. a classic! – £5.00

FOUNDATION – Milani 2 in 1 foundation and concealer – £13.00

POWDER – Collection loose powder – £2.99

BROWS – ABH Dipbrow – £19.00

EYESHADOW – Revolution Nudes Palette – £8.99

MASCARA – Too Faced Better than sex – £19.00

BRONZER – Revolution .. in the shade Golden days – £4.00

HIGHLIGHT – Revolution .. Golden lights – £4.00

CONTOUR – Sleek contour and blush kit .. light – £2.00 (I could of sworn I paid around £8 for this? But on the Superdrug website it says £2..

Total ………. £77.98!

It feels so weird when you write it all out like this, like how does my face on a day to day basis cost £78?! It’s crazy haha!

I’d love to see how much you all spend on your faces for day to day makeup.. leave a comment if you’ve done a similar post 💋

As always thank you so much for reading xxxx


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