DESK TOUR: 2018 Edition.

For a while now I’ve been wanting a little desk area for myself so I can just get cosy, creative and witter away!

The desk I currently have is from Ikea, I’ve had it for a few years now so as you can imagine it’s definitely seen better days, but for now it does the job! I’m thinking about getting a new one after the new year, so if you have any recommendations please let me know.

I wanted to keep my desk as simple as possible. I didn’t want it covered with stuff just for the sake of it. I wanted it to be simple/plain but still look cute and girly at the same time.

I wanted my theme to be white with copper accessories. I found this cute shelf, and thought it’d look better placed on my desk rather than hung on my wall. On this I’ve put my perfume that I’m currently using, my Revolution oil control spray, my MAC Fix + & this little plant.

I found this copper utensils stand in home bargains and couldn’t leave it behind, I was planning on using it for candles etc but when i got round to it I thought it’d look better with my makeup brushes in. Let me tell you if you’re planning on putting your makeup brushes in this little pot…it’s so stressful, why on earth would I be so stupid to put brushes in something that have loads of holes? Haha

For my wall, I’ve got these 2 wall board thingys with quotes on. The left one is from the pound shop & the one of the right is from Asda! I also have this copper mirror which is also from Asda & then I’ve just hung my Chip bauble on the wall too.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably would of already seen this candle. It smells absolutely insane. I bought this big jar for £1.99 from home bargains! In my opinion I think home bargains candles are so underrated!

Next to my candle, I currently have my Michael Kors earrings box which I keep my jewellery in, my copper tea light holder (Asda) my copper reindeer which btw is cute as anything (also from Asda) .. & then my wine glass which I just keep fairy lights in.

And there you have it, my desk.

I’m so happy with the outcome of it so far, there’s still little bits and bobs I’d like to buy but it’s just a working progress. I’d really like some nice wall prints for the corner it’s in, just to brighten the area up a little.

If you know anywhere that sells nice wall prints please leave their links in the comments 💋

Thank you so much for reading!

Hayley x x x

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