When I saw this little gem was finally in the store in my shade, I had it in my basket with no hesitation. I’ve heard so many things about this product that I wanted to judge it for myself.

*description of the foundation*

I’ve heard so many mixed reviews on this product some people swear by it, whereas some people have also swerved it. After trying and loving the concealer I knew I had to try the foundation. This retails at £9 which for a drugstore product is rather reasonable. The only downside is you only get 23ml of product which is 7ml less than your average foundation.

Revolution have brought out an incredible 24 shades, so there’s a match for everyone wanting to give it a try.

Ok my thoughts – When I first applied the foundation, I was in total shock. I can’t believe how full the coverage actually is, I only needed one layer to cover up my redness and to hide my huge under eye circles. The application is incredible, having the brush applicator means you can put as much or as little product on your face without having to waste any.

The lasting power for me was great, I didn’t notice it coming away anywhere. the only problem I had with it was it had started to crack around my smile lines.. but everywhere else including my under eyes were fine. One thing I loved about it was, it didn’t oxidize which is always a bonus!

On a scale of 1-10, I’d rate this foundation an 8.. only because you get less product & the fact it cracked around my smile lines but there’s ways of managing that! I’d 100% purchase this product again.

What’s your thoughts on this foundation? Have you given it a try yet?

If you haven’t tried it and are wanting too, I’ve left the link for you lovelies.

As always thank you so much for reading!

Lots of love x x x


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