BLOGMAS DAY TWO | Connies Candle Melts

Happy Blogmas Day 2!

As if it’s the 2nd of December already.. I think I’m speaking for everyone when I ask where this year has disappeared too?

I thought I’d speak to you lovelies about Connies Candle Melts, an amazing small business on Instagram. I’ve been following the lovely Liv, aka iclelivzi on YouTube for years now, so when I seen she’d posted a photo saying that she’d set up her own little business selling homemade wax melts, I knew I had to give them a try. If you haven’t already guessed it candles are my thing this year.. but the thing that caught my eye the most was the fact Liv sells snow fairy scented melts. Yup, you heard it right S-N-O-W-F-A-I-R-Y wax melts!

Snow fairy is the scent I chose to get, for obvious reasons *i have an obsession with snow fairy-ahhh*. The order process is ridiculously easy, all you do is message Liv with the scent you’d like and you can either pay by bank transfer or Paypal.. it’s ยฃ3 for 4 wax melts which is a total bargain when you look at the product you receive.

Liv has made sure there’s a scent for everyone, from Christmas candy to Lenor unstoppable bliss!

These are mine.. I’ll just leave these here for a second so all my fellow unicorn lovers can appreciate them.

YEP!!! They’re unicorn shaped, what more could a girl want?..

As a lover of lush’s snow fairy. I can honestly say these smell AMAZING! They smell exactly like the lush scent.

Liv has just announced these incredible gift boxes that she’s put together. These would be perfect as Christmas presents.

As well as her other candle goodies..

You can order your Wax Melts over on instagram: @conniescandlemelts

Thank you so much Liv, my house smells amazing!! ๐Ÿ’‹

As always thank you so much for reading,

What scent have you got your eyes on?


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