Day 3 already? December please slow down hahah.. Anyway, happy blogmas day 3 everybody. ✨

So today I thought I’d share with you all my skincare must haves! Up until around 2/3 months ago my skincare routine was kind of nonexistent. I never found the ‘right’ products for my skin. I kind of neglected my whole skincare routine due to just being very lazy with it, I hardly ever get spots apart from the odd one and I never felt like I needed skincare. Oh boy was I wrong.

Since finding the products I love using I’ve grown more in love with skincare based products, now I’m always on the hunt for something new to add to my routine.

Ahhh, enough with the rambling, let me talk you through what I use on a daily basis..

Soap & Glory 3-in-1 Daily Facial Wash – £8

Me and Karl swear by this facial wash, it has that soap and glory scent which everyone knows and loves. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and awake.. it’s a 3 in 1 product that claims ‘cleansing, foaming and soothing’ & it ticks all those boxes.

Nivea MicellAIR skin breathe, Micellar Water – was: £4.05 / now: £1.95

A classic item to have in your skincare routine, micellar water is hands down the best product for removing makeup & also giving your skin that extra awaken feel. The only thing I’d say about this product is I feel like it doesn’t remove my makeup as well as the Garnier one, but I’ve only been using it a few days so I don’t want to bash it just yet.

Kind & Gentle Facial Toner – £0.99

I have been using this toner since June of this year and really can’t fault it, it does everything it says on the bottle.. soothes skin, helps tighten the skin and also removes any last traces of makeup that has been left on the skin. I’d 100% recommend this toner to anyone who was looking at starting a skincare routine.

Primark Face Wipes 2PACK – £1

I always get the deep clean face wipes but for some reason I couldn’t find them on Primarks website. I feel like when you buy a cheaper brand of face wipes they’re never wet enough to do anything, which is one of the reasons why I love primarks face wipes! These are actually wet enough to take makeup off with etc. & for £1 for 2 packs you can’t go wrong.

Sudocrem – £2.99

I don’t know whether this is a really weird one or whether other people use this on their face too? I feel like I’m throwing it right back to 2011 when everyone used this little beauty as a face mask.. does anyone remember that? Haha.. I’ve never really had bad skin, and only ever get spots from time to time but I actually use this on the days I have a spot or 2! I just bang a bit of this over the spot before bed or before applying my makeup and the spot usually goes within a few hours

Lush 9 to 5 cleansing lotion – £10.95 (240g)

This is a newbie for me as I’ve only been using it for a few days now, but honestly now it’s one I can’t live without. I’ve been using this product every single day since I purchased it. It’s one of those products you can use on its own because it’s so multi-use. It takes makeup off like a dream, moisturises & soothes your skin. If you are looking for something that’s quick and easy to use without having to buy a load of different products I’d definitely recommend this to you. This would be great if you were travelling and didn’t want to cart around a ton of different skincare products.

Ah so there we have it, my skincare.

I hope you all have a wonderful blogmas! Leave your blog down below if you’re doing blogmas aswell, I’d love to read your posts!

Until next time,

As always thank you so much for reading!

X x x


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