9 To 5 Cleansing Lotion | Review

*Raise your hand if you think I should be sponsored by Lush*, yes please! I have so much love for Lush at the minute, their products can’t do any wrong in my eyes as well as many others. We all love a bit of Lush now and again.. what’s your favourite lush goodies?

Lets talk about this little gem, AKA .. 9 To 5 Cleansing Lotion. This product first caught my eye back in 2011/12 when every blogger and their cat used to rave about it. Uhh, I was such a Lush check out scaredy-cat back in the day! The thought of paying £10 for something that would hydrate my skin and make me feel 10 years younger was a no go, ok, so I exaggerated on the 10 years younger part but it does hydrate the skin. . A L O T.

About the product – “Add a whole lotta luxury to your daily routine with this soothing almond oil multitasker. In a nutshell, almond oil gives softness and moisture, while a calming infusion of fresh dove orchids helps to carefully clarify the skin when you’re in a hurry. Ylang ylang oil has a light, floral perfume which adds a touch of luxury to your day”.

One thing that always puts me off cleansers is the fact they can be hella greasy on the skin, there’s nothing worse than applying a product to your face and it just looking/feeling like you’ve emptied the entire veggie oil bottle on your face! This one doesn’t do that at all, it leaves your skin feeling soft, gentle and clean. I know a lot of cleaners claim to give you that luxury feel, but this actually does everything the bottle says.

After speaking to the lovely woman at Lush she explained the cleanser acts as a makeup remover as well as your typical cleanser. So obviously I had to put that to the test and gal was I glad I did! I usually take my makeup off using my Nivea Micellair water and my new found love, my Johnson’s makeup be gone wipes.. then use the cleaner on a cotton pad! The amount of excess makeup that’s left on our faces is pretty disgusting if I do say so myself.

I use the cleanser every night when I get home from work, I work with money so having this beauty and knowing it removes everything makes me feel more at ease with my skin. I also tend to apply some on the days I’m not working too just to add that touch of freshness to my face.

This product is so multi-use it’s perfect for travelling, if you’re like me and tend to carry your entire makeup/skincare collection when staying out – then regret it moments later because your arm is literally hanging off. Then this might just safe you the arm ache. Like I said it’s so multi use so you won’t need to carry makeup remover, moisturiser and then a cleanser.. because gal it’s all there for you!

Ah.. I can’t recommend this enough to you lovelies, I’ve left the link just in case you want to give it a little try! I’ll even take the blame for you spending a pretty penny when you see the Christmas range 😉

Thank you so much for reading!

Hayley x x x

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