Hey Lovelies..

After spending hours in Boots and Lush on Boxing Day – I thought I’d do a little Boxing Day haul for you all. I absolutely love reading these kind of posts and seeing what bargains everyone has managed to get their hands on.. like I said I only managed to go into Boots and Lush, they were the 2 main shops I wanted to go into! I think I kind of underestimated how busy it was going to be haha! I managed to get served quickly in both shops but as a whole they were both equally as busy and I couldn’t move for people.

Boots was the first shop I went into, I had my mind set on getting some new Makeup. Karl bought me some Benefit makeup for Christmas and now I’m obsessed – I never really go to the benefit stand and have only really used their mascaras and the odd foundation. But now I want everything hahah!

I went to the benefit stand in hopes to get this set ..

But because it’s my luck, they’d all sold out :(! So I ended up getting myself a Mini Dandelion blush – which btw is absolutely stunning! I can’t believe I never picked this up before. Also from Benefit I picked up another mini sized product.. the they’re real mascara another classic.

Dandelion – Was: £12.50 // Now: £8.33

They’re Real – Was: £10.50 // Now: £6.33

Ok, I’ve been on the hunt for a new eyebrow product for a while – well since I decided to go fully blonde. I usually use the ABH Dipbrow in medium brown but it’s hella dark for me now, after watching a ton of ‘what’s in my makeup bag’ videos on YouTube I decided to try out the Benefit – Precisely, my brow pencil. I got mine in the shade 3.5 which tbf is still a tad dark for me but not as dark as the ABH Dipbrow. Again I bought the sample one of these just to give it ago! I might actually do a review on this product cos ya gal is impressed ;)! This wasn’t in the sale in the shop but I’m pretty sure they are online?.. £10.50

Moving on to what else I got from boots, I’ve been looking for a new makeup bag (tbf ever since I started watching the what’s in my makeup bag vids hahaha – does anyone else do this?) .. Ted Baker do some really nice makeup bags so I decided I wanted one from there, I found this one! I didn’t realise it had stuff inside it until I got home haha! .. Was: £22 // Now: £11

Staying with makeup bags, i saw this Kendall & Kylie bag when it was full price and fell in love with it, I actually think it’s meant to be a clutch bag BUT ah well, let’s break the rules a sec hehe! When I saw it had gone down in the sale I was humming and hawing about getting it. I decided to leave it, until I got home and regretted leaving it behind haha – my wonderful boyfriend sneakily went into Boots the next day and picked it up for me. It’s now my everyday makeup bag and I love it. Was: £20 // Now: £10


I’ve needed new makeup brushes for what feels like forever, mine are overly loved now.. so I decided it was time to pick up some new ones. I forgot that Boots stocked the Mean Girls Set by Spectrum so when I saw them on the stand looking all pink and inviting.. I picked them up so fast. Spectrum brushes are my favourite & to see they’re Mean Girls too, just makes me so friggin happy haha – were: £25 / sale price: £12.50

Another set of brushes I got, well Karl kindly bought for me. Are these Real Techniques brushes, I’ve been using RT brushes for years now and never get bored of them. They apply my makeup lovely, and make everything go on my face super easy. When I saw these I knew I had to get them.. – were: £25 // sale price: £12.50

The last thing I bought from boots were these Jack Wills trio of body sprays. Ok there’s actually a story behind these sprays… basically every year my brother and his wife buy these for me, they smell absolutely insane and they last me near enough all year. So this year I decided to buy some for my brother as he loves the smell of them too, I had the idea that my brother and his wife were going to buy me some anyway.. I opened my presents and they didn’t buy me any haha, so I went out and bought them myself. Honestly if you haven’t ever tried these, definitely do. They smell incredible.. – were: £10 // sale price: £5

On to Lush, my FAVEEEE!

Can I just say the queue to get into Lush was ridiculously long! They were only allowing 2 people in at a time & honestly it just wasn’t ever going down. Luckily I have one around the corner from where I work, it’s a smaller shop and still had a little bit of a queue to go into it but I managed to get there at the time the queue had gone. The shop itself was still fairly busy but at least I didn’t have to wait to get in :)!

Surprisingly I didn’t go too mad on the snow fairy scent, in all honesty I could barely move around in the shop so I just wanted to be in and out of there as quickly as possible.

I only picked up 2 of the Snow Fairy Jelly Bombs. If you know me you’d know these are my all time faves. Was: £5.25 // Now: £2.62

I picked up this bath bomb too, which is called ‘Shoot for the stars’. I think I’ve had this one before but it smells amazing. Was: £4.95 // Now: £2.47

I decided to treat myself a little and picked up ‘The Night Before Christmas Set’. This set contains another ‘shoot for the stars’ Bath Bomb and the Golden wonder Bath Bomb. Was: £12.95 // Now: £6.47

The last thing I picked up from lush was the 500g Snow Fairy Shower Gel. I definitely have to go back into lush and pick up another one of these because they’re incredible and let’s be honest I’m going to be so lost when they take these off the shelf :(.. Was: £16.50 // Now: £8.25

Did you find anything in the sales this year? I love everything I managed to get and got some really good deals on them.

Can someone please recommend a new bath bomb for me? Haha, I feel lost already knowing the snow fairy products are going to stop for another year :(!

Thank you so much for reading,

Until next time,

Hayl. Xo

2 thoughts on “BOXING DAY SALES | 2018

  1. Ahhh all of these are amazing 😍… especially that Benefit set at the top! And you got some amazing deals too, very jealous! Great post ✨✨✨

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