Out with the old; In with the new …

Happy new year lovelies.. can you believe it’s 2019 already?! Like bisssshhh where did July’18 disappear to? It only feels like yesterday we were all celebrating the end of 2017? I can’t cope haha.

Following on with a post I wrote a few weeks ago. I mentioned I wanted to give my blog and Instagram a whole new makeover – new themes, better content and hopefully make it more relatable/personal.

After a lot of thinking yesterday I decided I was going to go ahead and purchase myself the premium plan on wordpress. The premium plan offers all of the themes, as well as other things. I mainly wanted to get it for the themes they have because right now they are a lot more realistic price wise compared to the ones on sites like pipdig etc! Don’t get me wrong, as soon as I’ve finally decided to spend the coin going self hosted I’ll definitely be treating myself to a pipdig theme, they’re hella cuteeee.

I wanted my blog to be white, clean and a little more grown up – I’m 23 this year and felt like the colour choices I was having on my blog and Instagram looked a little too young for me – so gals please bare with me because I’m not used to these plain white backgrounds and fancy dancy props, oh that reminds me .. has anyone ever used an empty 6 pack McNuggets box as a prop? ‘Cos if not I’m definitely going to be a first. We all love a good old chicken nuggets box in the background of a high end foundation review don’t we? here here!!

Ahhh I feel like I’m just rambling a long with myself right now, but I thought I’d pop on here to introduce my new blog theme, it’s a working progress but I hope you all love it as much as I do! Also I hope you all had a lovely New Year’s Eve and an even better New Year’s Day!

Thank you so much for reading!

Hayl xo

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