My fave affordable makeup brushes ..


Hey, Hello, Hi.. welcome back to another post, i hope you’re all doing well?

Makeup brushes are something i physically cannot stop buying, there’s nothing more satisfying than opening the new packaging and feeling the softness of a new makeup brush. Currently on Spectrums Website. I have built up quite a fair amount of brushes over the years, I didn’t even realise how many I actually owned until i gave them all a deep clean today, which kind of gave me the inspiration to write this post. So i thought to prevent you turning out like me and having a ton of makeup brushes that are just going to sit helplessly , looking cute in an ikea plant pot getting unused. I thought I’d share with you my top faves. If you’re new to makeup and looking for some really good affordable brushes this post will hopefully help you out.


L-R ( RT expert face, RT buffing brush, RT expert face).

I’ve recently been loving applying my foundation with brushes rather than the good old trusty beauty blender. The Expert face brush & buffing brush – both by Real Techniques are my holy grail. Ive been using these brushes for years now and always go back to using them. They’re so soft and leave your foundation looking beautttt! Id highly recommend if you’re on the hunt of an affordable brush to apply foundation, they usually come in a little set for around £19 but can be found separately for £8.99 – Here

L-R (RT deluxe crease, RT bold metals 201, RT base shadow, Spectrum A07, Morphe M330, RT bold metals 200, Morphe M433)

I could sit and talk about eye brushes all day, there’s so many brushes ive been loving these past couple of years/months.. when it comes to eye brushes i feel like Real Techniques kill it for me every time. Their brushes are so soft and make every shadow blend so easily. I’ve been using the Bold Metal ones for around 2 years now and never get bored of using them. I try switching my brushes up but always end up going back to these beauties! Again the Real Techniques eye brushes come in a set but can also be found separately, I’d suggested getting the set as they come with everything you need.. same with spectrum & morphe.

If you’re new to makeup I really hope this helped you decide which brushes would help keep your makeup kit small but fantastic & if you’re just on the hunt for some new brushes I hope this has helped a tad!

What’s your faves?

Thank you for reading,

Lots of love

Hayley x

3 thoughts on “My fave affordable makeup brushes ..

  1. Real Techniques is so under-hyped and they deserve so much more recognition for making high quality, affordable brushes. I love their blending sponges, too. Lately, I’ve also been enjoying Luxie brushes!


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