The Body Shop – Beauty Kit

Hey My Loves!

Welcome back to another post, I hope you’re all doing well?

So Beauty and Bargains are two of ya gals favourite words, even better when you combine them in the same sentence. What girl doesn’t love the thought of grabbing themselves a bargain?

The body shop is a company that has always been very close to my heart, the Satsuma Scent takes me right back to my 15/16 year old self and even now 6/7 years later i’m still beyond obsessed and i’m so excited to finally announce i am now a Body Shop At Home Consultant. Yaaay!

I posted a poll on my Instagram the other day asking if anyone would like to see how you can grab yourself £220 worth of amazing TBS products for an incredible £45. Since the poll I’ve had a huge amount of girlies asking what the beauty kit consists of.. So i’m going to share it with you dolls today!

The beauty kit contains a mixture of bath products, pamper products, makeup and makeup brushes. So there’s a little something for everyone with this beauty kit!

Contents –

There’s some absolute amazing beauty products in this kit, even better boys and girls they’re all FULL SIZED products! I mean come on?? How insane is that.. I’ve never seen a beauty kit with such amazing discount and products as this one. I mean £220 worth of goodies for £45!

Another thing I love about this kit is it’s really been thought through on which products will be added! Have you ever seen a kit that’s just had a load of random things thrown in? Just to make up the numbers.  And they’re all things you won’t ever use?

Ive tried so many body shop products over the years and have never had a problem with any of them. If you’d like a review on any of the products please let me know.

If you’d like to know any more information on how you can become a body shop at home consultant like myself then please feel free to message me direct on my Instagram.

I hope this post helped a little!

As always thank you so much for reading,

Lots of love x

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