About Me

Firstly, I’d just like to say a massive thank you for taking your time out to visit my blog!

I am Hayley, I’m from Manchester which I’m pretty sure you have all heard of. I’m just your average 22 year old who is obsessed with beauty and fashion.

During the day I work for a Mobile phone company (glam I know!) and then on the evenings, I do what most people do.. spend hours scrolling through Instagram wishing I was on holiday!

I decided to create this blog because, as I said previously I love anything beauty and fashion related & wanted to create a space where I can share my opinions on the topics. Also I feel like as a 22 year old gal, I can share my life experiences with you all and hopefully help motivate all my fellow gals out there.

If there is any posts you’d like to see me do, please feel free to message me!

Lots of love!